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QP #1 Questions
#1 Posted : Monday, May 31, 2021 10:09:09 PM
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1. Could you explain the answer to this question (passage 7, question 43): “The passage suggests that de Tocqueville’s analysis of America might have been more accurate than Crèvecoeur’s because de Tocqueville possessed:”
In particular, I don't understand how does the author’s discussion of mores indicate that de Tocquville’s Republican values were improving the accuracy of his analysis.

2. I am also confused on this question (passage 8, question 48): “The author is apparently concerned that adherence to a policy referred to as "the low road" will reduce the competitiveness of:”
Isn’t the author referring to economic nations in general, not just the United States? I interpreted it in this way mainly due to the following sentence: “…Eventually, this approach, if the norm, must limit a nation's economic competitiveness, living standard, and income equity…”

3. For the following question (passage 8, question 53): “An employer reasons: "If I train my workers, competitors who save money by not providing training will be able to attract my trained workers with higher salaries than I can pay." What possible solution for this employer would most accord with the author's high road?”, what does the correct answer choice mean? What does “repaying tuition” mean in this context?

Thank you so much!
#2 Posted : Friday, July 09, 2021 11:17:28 PM
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Hi Karen,

I'm really sorry this question was missed and not responded to sooner.

For passage 7, question 43, the question is asking why Tocqueville's analysis was better -- so we need an answer choice that describes something that Tocqueville had that Chevocoeur did not have. The 3rd paragraph tells us outright that Tocqueville's analysis was more penetrating and complex because of his republican convictions. I think, overall, that this passage would have been a good candidate for a T chart.

For passage 8, question 48, the whole passage is relating to the US and helping the US to be competitive in a global market. The author mentions the US several times, including statistics like "40% of Us workers".

For question 53, this is an inference question, with answer choices that are new situations. I think repaying tuition would mean repaying money spent on training. In the question, the author is advocating for policies that will encourage employees to stay with their employer - if they had to repay any money spent on training, then this would provide that encouragement.
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